World of Defish goes off-chain
How does World of Defish differ from hundreds of other play to earn games? We could list our virtues all day long, but instead, we will tell you about something special. About the important role of off-chain.

What does it mean to switch to off-chain for an ordinary player of our world? Relief from the burden of paying the gigantic gas fee. We’ve reduced the gas fee almost to zero!

The real dream of each crypton became a reality in the World of Defish, thanks to the transfer of the most voracious mechanics from blockchain to off-chain. Before you start playing it is very important to understand its functionality.

Defish Portal is a mechanic for transferring your items to off-chain.

In fact teleportation sounds and works very simply. All you need to do is follow a few steps:

  1. Determine which items you want to keep on the off-chain and which ones on the blockchain;
  2. Confirm the transfer;
  3. Pay gas fee once for this migration;

But why would you leave items on the blockchain?

The reason is that at the moment, we have moved to off-chain the most “voracious on gas fee” functionality — Fishing session and Repairing.

This means that after transferring items to off-chain you can start/finish fishing or repair items WITHOUT GAS FEE. But if you want to sell an item on the Marketplace, you need to move it back to the blockchain.

So, some mechanics operate on the off-chain, others — on the blockchain. Full list of transferred mechanics we’ll announce in the next post concerning off-chain.

Harbor is a mechanic for moving your catch from off-chain to blockchain.

The Harbor works in the same way as the Defish Portal, but It’s intended for other items.

Why didn’t we combine the Harbor with the Defish Portal?

This is due to technical costs. You will need to conduct separate transactions for different types of items: for materials, fish and WOD. In the future, we will combine this into one transaction.

Pay attention! To use fish as bait you need: move it to the blockchain, return to the off-chain again and then start fishing with a bait.

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