What is World of Defish?
World of Defish is an opportunity to plunge into an alternate reality. Here you can try on any roles: feel like the best fisherman of the Seven Seas, become a big landowner, pirate, or just be part of a big friendly family. As World of Defish is people. We are a team.

World of Defish is a decentralized NFT gaming universe running on BSC. We inspire to give our users a journey to the most beautiful and mysterious places to hunt for collectible NFT fish. It is a futuristic world with endless factions. Players can upgrade their equipment, improve their skills, buy territories, compete with other players, trade on the marketplace.

World of Defish is the first game of Web3 Defish Studio, that makes it a kind of mother game of the universe, так как  all our future games will be connected with World of Defish.

Thus, World of Defish is a play- to-earn game in your browser, that is accessible to all. The functionality of the game is based on 4 main tasks - fish, play, earn, trade. Players immerse themselves in a fictional world where they go fishing, hunt mythical fish, enchanted materials and, of course, treasures - $WOD coins.

World of Defish is interesting for everyone, since we have something to offer both to the player and to the investor. If the Fishermen don’t have too much time on their hands, buying territories to earn passive income would surely be the way to go. Competitions and trading are also available to those who want to maximize their hard-earned profit. World of Defish has got you all covered! And Defish Staking, as a full-fledged part of the gameplay, is a unique feature that is also useful to all who are interested in our world .

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