Off-chain mechanics guide
In order to play smoothly, you need to know a few things about off-chain. In this article we will tell you about the transferred mechanics on the off-chain, the mechanics that function on the blockchain and what you should pay attention to.

First, your items will be divided for off-chain and blockchain operation. As you know, fishing session moved to off-chain. This means that you can start a fishing session only with those items that you have transferred to off-chain using the Defish Portal.

Defish Portal

Items left on the blockchain cannot be used during fishing.

In addition, you can upgrade items that are on off-chain. But this action so far requires gas fee payment.

Also, you can transfer items from off-chain to blockchain and vice versa. At any time and without restrictions.

Fish, materials, and WOD you’ve caught will be on the minting blockchain. How fish and materials catching will take place, we will tell in the following posts.


With the Harbor you can move your catch from off-chain to blockchain. Namely: fish, materials and WOD. The Harbor works in the same way as the Defish Portal, but It’s intended for other items.

Pay attention!

To use fish as bait you need: move it to the blockchain, return to the off-chain again and then start fishing with a bait.

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