How to use Repair System
Fill your pockets with $WOD — they will be the biggest asset in your fishing. World of Defish presents Repair System 2.0.

During fishing, your equipment wears out and its effectiveness decreases with each hour. When the margin of durability drops to zero — your earnings and farming will be stopped.

In order to restore the margin of durability and continue fishing you need to repair your gear.

Repair will be done by tools. These tools are disposable consumables.

Consumable tools for repair can only be purchased on our Marketplace and bought only from our gaming vendor.

All tools are sold only in $WOD

What you must know before Repairing:

As you know, there are 6 types of rarity items in our game. Tools will have exactly the same rarity system.

And why like that?

It expands the mechanics of the game, makes it deeper and adds an indispensable important detail to the game.

To repair a legendary item you need a legendary tool or with a higher rarity. So, you wouldn’t be able to repair rare gear with a common tool, but with rare or epic one you can.

In addition to the rarity, tools will be indicated with the number of percents by which they will restore the durability of the item.

You’ll have a choice between three tools of each rarity: for example — 25%, 50% or 100%

How does the repair process work?

  1. You pick an item you want to fix;
  2. You are offered a choice of available tools that is suitable for your item;
  3. Choose the tool;
  4. And fix;

And that is it — as easy as ABC! Now you’re completely ready to dive into Defish World.

Why the new repair system is so important:

The reason is that it introduces consumable mechanics, which is of great importance in the economies of various games and gives the $WOD coin a huge utility.

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