How to start my journey?
Don't know how to start, where to throw a fishing rod and where the NFTs hide? Breath out, you’re in the right place, buddy. We’ll tell you all about our world right now. Do not delay and go straight to training.

What’s the most important thing about fishing? Of course, it’s fish. In order to start fishing you need strong equipment, a deliberate strategy and a little Poseidon luck. You should start with the equipment. Here you have three ways to go - Defish Boxes, Crafting and Marketplace. Time is money, so don’t wait for the sale of the new collection of loot boxes and go shopping at the Market


Equipment should be chosen wisely,This has a direct impact on token production of tokens and NFTs. Pay attention to the collection number, the multiplier, the level and rarity. 

Good to know! There’s a set bonus system in our game. Using items from one set you get an extra bonus to all the characteristics.  

You don’t have to hurry to leave the marketplace, there’s so much to see. For example, fish (the freshest), zones (premium class), materials (the newest) and tools. Pay attention to the last point, because you have to fix your equipment. So feel free to buy tools now, the more the better.

Tip! The main rule of profit while purchasing tools - “the more, the cheaper”. Player pays the same amount of gas fee to buy one tool or a million of them.

Now you’re ready, fisherman. There’s little left to do - practice and strategy!


Time to fish, follow the algorithm:

  • start the game
  • create a character 
  • teleport items to off-chain to pay less gas fee
  • choose a zone of the 5th tier

Hint! The fewer players in the zone, the bigger your profit. With higher level you open new zones and multiply fishing session

  • pick your gear and go fishing

Notice! you can fish in multiple areas at the same time

  • come back in time to check the catch
  • repeat

Oops! Your gear is broken? It means that the reparing time has come. For that, go to the workhouse. You can fix several items by one transaction. more about the mechanics of the repair system read here

  • find yourself a place in the guild, meet new players and compete


Crafting is an important part of the gameplay, which allows you to get new equipment, which you create with the help of caught materials in the workbench.


The fisherman, who has a zone, runs the whole show. We strongly recommend becoming a landowner, as it has many advantages. 

  • The first thing is passive income, you can set a fishing tax for other players
  • A nice and important bonus, if another player does not complete a session within 24 hours, you can kick it and pick up his catch
  • In your zone, you can fish without a boat.

Zones Trailer - click to watch

Off-chain and on-chain

You may have noticed that in the World of Defish you have the minimum requirement to pay for the painful gas fee. It is all possible thanks to the offchain in the Harbor and Defish Portal mechanics.

Defish Portal is a mechanic for transferring your items to off-chain(Fishing session and Repairing) via Teleport.

In Harbor you can move your catch from off-chain to blockchain. Namely: Fish, Materials and WOD.


Be sure to subscribe to our social networks. Here are your new friends, support and advice 24 hours a day. Old gamers and moderators will answer all your questions. Be Defish! 

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