How to get NFTs in World of Defish. Drop Chances Update
In this article you will learn the details of how drop chances for materials and fish work. It’s +100 to the karma of a good fisherman.

Now drop chance in a certain Zone is expressed in one indicator. It’s shown in Zone pop-up:

P.S.: We plan to show material and fish drop chance separately.

It represents the overall drop chance for both fish and materials. Based on this indicator we can form separate drop chances using this ratio:

Let’s look at it by example:

Our goal is to find out the probability of catching RARE material and fish. Consider the pop-up in the screenshot above, where the drop chance of rare NFT is 4,50%

From the table, we know that in Tier 3, the chance of dropping material — 85%, and fish — 15%. Using these three variables, we perform simple calculations as follows:

Material drop chance = 4,50 х 85% = 3,825%

Fish drop chance = 4,50 х 15% = 0,675%

Note! Durability (efficiency) of the equipment does not affect the drop chance.

Pay attention! Your catch calculation happens every two hours during your fishing session. Thus, in one 24-hour session you can catch a maximum of 12 NFTs if you’re very lucky.

Specially for spoiler lovers: the next article will be devoted to the bonus for collecting a full set of equipment from the same collection.

The sea is calling for you, Captain;)

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