How to earn more in World of Defish — Big Gameplay Guide
This guide contains the game’s mechanisms, which raise the most questions for our players. Here we will give you a detailed explanation of how they work. And now let’s talk about the mechanics of the game:
  1. Competition in zones

It’s one of the most important mechanics. It motivates players to look for zones not only by level of earnings, but also by amount of players in it. Let’s go into details:

Competition in the zone is calculated by a formula that takes into account several main parameters:

  • Player multiplier
  • The strength of its equipment
  • Time spent at the session

WOD multiplier size — increases your profit in the zone by multiplying WOD rate in the zone and your multiplayer. It’s also an indicator of your power.

What does it mean?

This means that the higher your multiplier — the bigger share in the zone you get.

Look at example:

Your WOD multiplayer is x2. You enter the zone with 0 players and WOD production is 4. You’re getting 4x2 = 8 wod/h, which is 100% profit as there are no other players.

Then another player enters the zone. His WOD multiplayer is x1

Now you share the zone in such percentage ratio:

  • Summing up your multipliers: 2+1 = 3
  • Divide the multiplier of every player by the sum we received previously: 2/3 = 66%

====> your share will be 66% and another player’s share is 33%

And from there now your reward calculating like this:

your multiplier x (zone WOD production x your percent of share)

2 x (4 x 66%) = 2 x 2,64 = 5,28 WOD\h

Our formula also takes into account the durability of the equipment used by the player

In the example above we have considered a very general version.

2. Equipment durability

Another important element of successful fishing is the condition of your equipment.

The following parameters depend on the durability of your equipment:

  • With which multiplier you will start fishing
  • How much you can farm when another player enters the zone

Durability directly affects your multiplier. At 100% strength, your multiplier will equal what you see when you start fishing. If it is 75%, your multiplier will be 25% less than what you see when you start. You should keep it in mind.

With every second, durability is being wasted and your multiplier is slowly decreasing. At a certain point of fishing your multiplier may become very small and the following earnings will no longer pay the cost of tools for its repair.

You need to take into account the cost of repairing your equipment (each rarity has its own price), the size of the multiplier and the zone in which you fish.

If you can calculate the point at which you should stop fishing to get the most profit, you will make a huge leap to a good income.

3. Accumulation of experience

Experience points play an important role in games, and ours is no exception. It farms easier than $WOD because it does not depend on the competition in the zone and durability of your equipment.

You always get 100% experience from fishing, but its accumulation also stops when your equipment strength drops to 0%

What do you need experience for?

  • To open new fishing zones
  • To open more zones for simultaneous fishing
  • To improve your character
  • To improve equipment

By the way, more information about what level you need to open new fishing zones, etc. You can find on the page created by our community:

4. Equipment improvement

This mechanism allows you to improve any item of equipment and any characteristic.

This is useful and worth doing. This way you improve the characteristics of the item, keeping the previous cost for repairing.

The maximum level of the item — 15

5. Character improvement

At the moment, upgrading a character’s level gives access to higher tiers and increases the number of simultaneous sessions.

The upcoming big update will also introduce a talent system that will be based on the character level.

6. Marketplace

A place where fishermen sell their catch and buy new gear. Also you can open Defish Boxes here

There is a 1.5% tax on the marketplace. (It may change in the future). It applies to ordinary sales and auctions.

As for the mechanics of auctions. Today, we have introduced an important feature. It allows the person whose bid wins to complete the auction and pick up the item without waiting for the auctioneer to do so.

7. Repairing

On our workbench, players can repair their equipment in unlimited amounts in one transaction. It means you can fix absolutely all your gear in one click and not overpay for gas.

To do this, you should first choose all the equipment you want to repair, and then the tool for each item.

8. Crafting

With the help of the collected materials you can create most of the equipment yourself. When you craft items you give away materials and pay a little $WOD.

9. NFT Fish

Each fish has a rarity and quality. On the basis of these two things the characteristics of the fish are formed.

You can use the fish as bait to significantly increase the income from your fishing, but after that the fish will be burned. Fish is consumable.

Also, all the fish, including those you caught, will have a characteristic that can increase your %APY for staking. So don’t rush to use your fish now.

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