Defish Boxes and what they hide
The opening of Defish Box sales means everything for the players of World of Defish. Everyone, including our team, is eagerly waiting for this event.

Defish Boxes are loot boxes with limited amount of equipment. Each box collection is unique and unrepeatable, with an exclusive gear. It is the only way to get items for fishing, besides buying on the Marketplace from other players and crafting.

Each box consists of 4 random items. Randomness is confirmed by the integration of World of Defish with Chainlink as we use Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF). Thus, players have strong assurances that random drops from fishing and rewards from Defish Boxes are provably fair. 

It is important to understand that Defish Boxes are very popular and sold within a few hours of the beginning of the sale, so players cannot buy them at any time. This is only possible with a release of the new collection.

Each collection differs not only visually, filling and price, but also the characteristics of the items. 

Thus the first collection was useful to those whose main purpose was pharming tokens. And the other one satisfied the real fishermen, because it increased the chance of catching NFT.

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